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Sunday, September 12, 2010

BusyBodyBook Review & Giveaway

I am an organizing freak.

Don't believe me? Come over and look in my kitchen. Even the utensil caddy in my kitchen is labeled. (Salad forks, dinner forks, soup spoons, etc. I like everything in it's place.)

(Stop laughing.)


Anyhoo, along with that OCD organizing gene comes a love of lists and calendars. There's nothing like making a to-do list, getting your calendar organized and making your way through your errands, chores and checking them off!

Even though we now have the technology to put everything we need to do right into our phones, I still like writing it down. There's something about the act of writing something down, seeing your full calendar in front of you and then marking something off when you accomplish it that feels so good. Typing it into your phone just doesn't have the same appeal!

So I'm always on the search for the perfect Day Planner, purse calendar, etc. Not only am I keeping track of my schedule, but I also have Little Ricky's doctor's appointments, play dates and music classes to remember. Not to mention keeping up with the various writing gigs I have. Between this blog, Chicagonista.com, DuPageMamas.com, MyBlogalicious.com and my Macaroni Kid site I have a tough time remembering what is due when, what I wanted to write about, etc.

Enter the BusyBodyBook! With it's side by side column format it allows me to keep track of my schedule, Little Ricky's schedule AND my writing deadlines and ideas. I've set my columns with both personal and work info, but they can be customized to best suit each user's needs. One column for each family member, to track diet and exercise (see pic below), a column per school subject for students, etc. You decide what works best for you!
The opposite side is a full-page with room for to-do's, grocery lists, projects, etc. So awesome for someone like me who wants to see everything written down but doesn't want a notepad of blog ideas, a separate piece of paper for grocery lists and a chaotic calendar that's hard to read.

And look, it's cute! (There are other cover choices, but I like the pink!)

If you want to try BusyBodyBook out (and why wouldn't you??), download a free weekly grid.

Or even better--WIN one! One of my organizing freak readers will win the BusyBodyBook product of your choice to help keep you on track!

The contest will run until Sunday, September 19 at noon CST. I will select a winner using Random.org. Be sure to include your email in your comment so I have a way to reach you if you win.

MANDATORY Entry: Leave me a comment telling me your favorite stay organized tip.

Additional Entries...
(Leave a comment for each additional thing you do or are already doing.)

1. Visit BusyBodyBook's site and tell me which product would be the most helpful to you.
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Disclosure: I received a free BusyBodyBook planner but all opinions are my own.

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