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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meet My Friends: Part Sixteen

After a bit of a hiatus, Meet My Friends is BACK! I know you've been desperately wondering where it's gone, but never fear. It has returned!

I first "met" Krystyn about 6 months ago. I was mom to a 9 month old and starting to realize that I rarely showed up in the hundreds (who am I kidding? THOUSANDS!) of pictures we took of him. And then coincidentally, I stumbled upon Krystyn. Not only does she write a great blog, but on that blog she hosts Mommy and Me Monday! Just what I needed to encourage me to get in FRONT of the camera more often. And a new internet friendship was born!

Krystyn blogs over at Really, Are You Serious? and has two little girls. She also hosts a fabulous Mommy and Me Monday meme where you feature a picture of you with your kiddos. You should check her out.

Our previous neighbors had a beagle. He barked a lot, but the neighbors always brought him inside when we went out.

They moved.

Now, we have these new neighbors. Friendly is not a word I use to describe them. The day they moved in, we immediately noticed the pit bull in their backyard, which is on the side of our yard (we live on a corner). The yard that only has a 3.5 foot picket fence.

We've only had to call animal control like a zillion times because that pit bull gets out. Now, I think people are entitled to their dogs of their choice, but when it interferes with me and my yard or neighborhood, I have issues. So, after all of those calls, that dog stays in most of the time.

However, since then, they got a German Shepard. He barks when the wind blows too hard, when a person walks by, or we are standing in our kitchen. He's fierce, too. He stands with his paws on the top of the fence and scares all of us.

Scares us all to the point that we can't and don't go into our backyard.

One day, the girls (ages almost 4 and 2) wanted to play on our swing set. We went out and the German Shepard wouldn't stop barking. Mr. Serious (my hubby) went over to their house to politely ask them to put their dog inside so we could enjoy our backyard. They.ignored.us.

About 5 seconds later, we hear a loud banging inside their house, and then the dog goes inside.

A couple minutes later, the neighbor comes out (who has never introduced himself, or given us a chance to do the same) asks whose fence it is and that it's on his property. (We don't know, the fence was here when we moved in…and we said this to him). He was trying to bully us.

He then said "Dogs bark. We have a right to have a dog to protect us." Thank goodness I wasn't outside then, because I would have gone off on him.

Protecting them from what? My 4 and 2 year old small children? Maybe the little Bassett hound that was walking by the other day that set him off for 20 minutes?

We are at the point now where we can't go into our backyard. We don't know what to do. We've called the police and animal control with no luck.

Tell me, do I have a right to be in my backyard without feeling like I'm going to get attacked by a huge dog? What would you do? Any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.

(And, while the thought is mildly appealing, I will not resort to doing anything unethical or illegal).

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