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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Classical Baby

I've mentioned before that Little Ricky is a Sesame Street fan. Well, what he (and I!) love even more than Sesame Street is Classical Baby.

Produced by HBO, Classical Baby is an animated 4 DVD series (Music, Dance, Art & Poetry). In each DVD, a baby conductor leads an orchestra of animals in classical, jazz and world music while a lovely scene plays out behind them.

In The Dance Show, rectangles perform Jerome Robbins choreography to the opening of West Side Story and sheep do a little Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers number to Sheep to Sheep (Cheek to Cheek).

The Music Show offers beautiful music by Bach, Puccini, Debussy and more. In one of the more touching pieces a baby and momma bear play as Delibes plays behind them.

The Art Show uses famous artwork as the backdrop to each mini-story and The Poetry Show animates beautiful scenes as well-known poetry is narrated by the likes of Susan Sarandon and Andy Garcia.

We started our Classical Baby collection with The Music Show and were instantly captivated and had to get the rest. Even as a very little guy, Little Ricky loved to sit in our laps and listen to the music. Now that he's older, he conducts with the baby, sways to the slower songs and dances to the jazzier numbers. If he's grumpy all we have to do is turn on a Classical Baby DVD and his mood is lifted as soon as he hears the opening song.

I love Classical Baby not only because my baby does, but because I feel like he's watching something of quality. The music is classic, the choreography (even if it is animated) is well done and each segment is so colorful and lovely to look at. Little Ricky is getting a wonderful, age-appropriate introduction to the arts each time we watch.

And unlike many children's shows, Classical Baby is enjoyable for adults too. It truly is something the three of us can enjoy together.

Have a baby or young kiddo in your life? I can't recommend Classical Baby enough. The one downside is that they can be hard to find in stores, but you can order them online via Amazon.com or Diapers.com.

Happy viewing!

No, I wasn't given anything or asked to write this post. My family and I truly love Classical Baby and I wanted to share it with you.

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