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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Things I Love Thursday: Nursing Tanks

Little Ricky and I have been off the breastfeeding wagon for about 3 weeks now and it has gone well. I still mourn it on occasion. But typical man, he has moved on as if we never had that special time together. Men.

But we're doing okay.

However there is one thing about breastfeeding that I'm just not ready to give up. Is it my cuddle time with Little Ricky? Is it the extra calories I burn while BFing?


It's nursing tanks.

God, I love these things! I have them in white, black, pink, grey, brown. I LOVE them!

Before I had Little Ricky I stocked up on nursing bras just like I was told to in all of my BF classes, books, websites. And then he was born and I put one on and AGHHHHHHH!

These things are hideous! I'm sure somewhere there is a pretty nursing bra, but I've not seen it. They are ugly, they are huge and they are NOT comfortable!

Not being a Dolly Parton kind of gal who needs a ton of coverage or support, I decided to give nursing tanks a try. Ahhhhhh, much better.

They're comfy, they offer support without poking at you and they even suck your tummy in a little. Not a Spanx quality suck in, but still a little tummy support which is always good after having a baby. Or a big bag of M & M's.

So in the past 14 months it has been a rare day that I haven't worn a nursing tank under my clothes. Why wear a bra, nursing or otherwise, when I could have this comfy-ness on?

(When I have put a real, lacy, pretty bra on you should see how Ricky's eyes light up. Poor man.)

And now here we are. Three weeks of no breastfeeding and what do I have on under my t-shirt today?

A pink nursing tank.

I suppose if I were dolling up to go somewhere I'd put on a real bra. But for the casual days at home?

The nursing tanks are here to stay.

Sorry, Ricky!

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