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Monday, September 13, 2010

What We're Reading: September

Ricky speaks Spanish. I don't (other than the few words I remember from my high school Spanish class). But we both want Little Ricky to be bilingual. All the experts say babies learn language much faster and easier than we adults do, so we've started a little Spanish teaching already. This Happy Baby bilingual word book is one of Little Ricky's faves. He loves looking at the pictures and it makes it really easy to start introducing some Spanish to him.

Before Little Ricky was born, Ricky had to take a business trip to New York. While he was there he picked up In My Nest for the baby. What a cute book! Little Ricky loves the bird finger puppet and I love the sweet, simple story about family.

What's Up, Duck? was given to us soon after Little Ricky was born. Even as a little bitty guy he loved looking at the duck pictures. Now that he's older he really enjoys the pictures of ducks doing opposite things. He especially loves the "loud/quiet" page, because he thinks it's funny when I shout "LOUD" and whisper "quiet". Cute illustrations make this book a great intro to opposites.

And now for me. Well, you remember a few months ago when I showed you the picture of all of my magazines? Well, that pile has only grown so I'm continuing to work my way through those. Sadly, as I (slowly) whittle down that stack, my stack of unread books and my virtual stack of unread blogs is growing out of control. Someday I'll get caught up. Someday...

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