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Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Equals CONFETTI!

As we all begin to recover from our Thanksgiving food hangovers, it's time to start thinking about Christmas. Christmas shopping, Christmas decorating, Christmas cards. (And if you've already started or are, God forbid, DONE, don't even tell me!!!)

I've always loved Christmas and one of my favorite things each year is picking the best Christmas cards, matching stickers and holiday confetti to go in the envelope. (People who have been receiving cards from me for years have learned to open the cards OVER the trash can as I'm a huge fan of confetti!)

Since having Little Ricky the perfect card now has to include his picture!

(Yes, I'm one of THOSE moms!)

(At least I don't include the annoying, braggy letter with the picture!)

So I'm turning to Shutterfly. With hundreds of choices, Shutterfly's Christmas cards are folded or flat, on photo paper or cardstock and cover almost any style you can imagine.

Sweet card for baby's first Christmas? Check.

Retro cards for that hip couple? Check.

Religious cards? Check.

We are getting our holiday pix taken today, so it is time for me to make a decision on our cards. Last year we went with the Little Christmas design. This year I can't seem to make up my mind. Should it be....

Swirling ornaments?

Or Royal Elegance?

Or Elegant Cranberry Damask?

Or Plaid Bliss?

Or, or, or????

So many choices!

And then I have to pick matching address labels and stickers. And don't forget the confetti!

And after all that, I still have to shop for gifts!!

Do you want 50 free Shutterfly cards this holiday? Check out their great offer for bloggers! And be sure to send me a card!

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