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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Goal Update: September = So-So, October = Okay

Another two-fer with Sept. & Oct. goal updates rolled into one.

  • Turn off the TV at night--I feel like we've done better with this. Having Project Runway (P.S. Mondo was ROBBED!), Rachel Zoe and Flipping Out end for a while certainly helps! WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Date night with Ricky once a month--This one is still going well. We have some good friends that we do a baby swap with each month so that ensures at least one date. We saw Big River (amazing!) and had a lunch/shopping date. SUCCESS
  • No take-out/delivery--We've definitely done better, but it still happens on occasion. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Eating/cooking healthier--Everything I've cooked lately has come from a recipe I pulled off of the Weight Watchers site, so YES! SUCCESS
  • Work out at least 3 times a week--Started the ReVamp boot camp (yea!), hurt my knee (boo!), started a yoga class (yea!), damn knee injury got in the way (boo!), walked 3 times a week with friends (yea!), had something come up 2 of the 3 days so now can only walk with friends on Fridays (boo!), joined the gym (yea!), was stood up by the trainer when I went for my initial assessment (boo!) WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Socialize with friends at least once a month--Saw Billy Elliott with a friend, threw a b-day party for a friend, walked with friends in the morning, threw a party for the Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That premiere, had several play dates with my mom's group, threw a going away party for friends (BOO! Come back!), participated in the ReVamp Project Soul to Soul Parenting workshop, lunch with a friend, movie night with mom friends, b-day party for one of Little Ricky's friends, went to VEGAS (I swear I'm going to fill y'all in soon!), went to the pumpkin farm, saw The Lion King with a friend and went to FIVE Halloween parties in 3 days. God, no wonder I'm tired. SUCCESS!
  • Take more time with my appearance when at home--Better. It's just hard for me to justify a full face of make-up and "real" clothes when I'm spending the day chasing after Little Ricky and having food wiped on me. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Clean up house before going to bed--Ricky is still a huge help in making sure this happens. SUCCESS
  • Deal with mail as it comes in--OH. MY. GOD! You should have seen the pile of mail, paperwork, etc. that piled up while I was in Vegas. But I've cleared it out. Although it did take a couple of weeks. However while I was in Vegas I heard Lisa Quinn speak and she said something that really resonated with me--"Our piles scream at us." SOOOO true. So I've really been working at simplifying. I've cleaned out closets, donated clothes, I'm planning a book swap with friends. Basically I'm trying to lessen the piles. Hopefully that will apply to the mail too! WORKS IN PROGRESS

August had 1 WORKS IN PROGRESS, 3 SUCCESSES and 5 FAILS. September and October brought 5 WORKS IN PROGRESS, 4 SUCCESSES and ZERO FAILS!!! Better than I expected.

But God help me now that the holidays are upon us.

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