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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

JJ Cole Toddler Arctic Bundle Me from CSNStores.com

Remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned a winter item we needed for Little Ricky?

Well, it has arrived and it is GREAT!

Living in the heart of Chicago, we walk a lot. Even in the winter, we walk. A lot. Parking is such a pain in the ass that if we can get somewhere by foot, we do. But that means we all need to bundle up.

Enter the JJ Cole Toddler Arctic Bundle Me. This super-warm, water resistant stroller cover is perfect for those uber-cold days out and about. In fact, it keeps Little Ricky so warm that he doesn't even need a coat!

I love that the Arctic Bundle Me has a hood-like feature that you can cinch around your kiddo's head to protect their little ears. Little Ricky HATES hats, so this ensures that every inch of him is covered.

The Arctic Bundle Me also has slots in the back for the stroller safety straps so even while covered up, Little Ricky is still safely buckled in. Those slots are the one downside for me. I love that Little Ricky is safe, but the Velcro on the slots doesn't always stay closed, so we have to readjust each time we put Little Ricky in. We have a Bob Revolution stroller, so this might not be a problem on other strollers, but it is (albeit a minor one) for us.

However that is my only negative on this product, so all in all, not too bad! I think a little readjusting is minor when you take into consideration how warm and cozy my little guy is!

Do you live someplace super-cold and need a way to keep your little one warm in his stroller or car seat? Check out the JJ Cole Bundle Me at CSNStores.com Baby and Kids . It's available in both infant and toddler sizes and a few different colors. You can also get it without the hood feature. Depending on what style and size you get, prices range from $35 - $100.

Disclosure: CSNStores.com sent me a gift card to purchase an item for review, but as always all opinions are my own.

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