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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vegas Recap

I've been dropping little teasers about my Vegas trip for a couple of weeks now, so I guess it's time to stop toying with you and fill you in!

As y'all know, I started working for Macaroni Kid back in the spring. I've really enjoyed publishing the Chicago newsletter. I've met some cool people and been given some great opportunities (comp tickets to shows and events). So I was excited when I found out they were having a meet-up in Vegas in October.

After waffling back and forth (I'd never left Little Ricky over night before!), I finally RSVP-ed YES! And am I glad I did!

What an amazing trip! I learned so much more about the Macaroni Kid brand and the AWESOME folks who started it, I met great publisher moms from all over the country and got some fantastic tips from them and participated in some entertaining and educational sessions.

Oh, and I also stayed in a gorgeous hotel AND won a little money playing craps. Not a bad weekend!

My gorgeous hotel room at Red Rock Las Vegas. Did NOT want to leave!!!

GORG bathroom. And yes, that is a TV over the tub. I'm gonna need one of those.

Stunning pool area.

Check out the cabanas! So Hollywood! :)

DELICIOUS dinner at Simon

Dessert tray at Simon was homemade kiddie favorites--sno-balls, ding-dongs, caramel corn, cookies, brownies AND.....

Homemade cotton candy!!

I'll never be able to eat a regular ding-dong again.

The weekend ended with a little bowling. Check out our stylish footwear!

Some of my new Macaroni Kid buddies!

As you can see, it was a great weekend. I learned a lot, got some rest and relaxation time and met some really amazing, supportive, smart women!

Can't wait for next year's meet-up in Miami!

Is there a Macaroni Kid in your community? If not, why don't YOU start one??? Contact me for more info!

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