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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November = Not So Bad

Second to last goal update for 2010. Are you excited to be near the finish line, because I sure as hell am!!

  • Turn off the TV at night--It's funny. About the same time Ricky and I have gotten better at this, Little Ricky has discovered the joys of TV. I know, I know, he wouldn't know if I didn't turn it on, but Ricky was out of town and I was desperate for a break. I found Go, Diego, Go on Netflix Watch Instantly (which I love, by the way! Netflix, not Go, Diego, Go.) and ever since then at least once a day, Little Ricky stands in front of the TV screaming "GO, Ga, GO!" Oh dear. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Date night with Ricky once a month--This remains an easy one. Still doing the baby swap which ensures at least one night out a month. Our anniversary was in November and we had a lovely dinner at Gejas' Cafe. Chicago folk, have you eaten here? Melted cheese and chocolate-YUMMMMMMM! (You can read more about our experience there at Chicagonista.) We also did a family date to the Children's Museum on Navy Pier. I love that place and so does Little Ricky! Ricky ended up getting sick on Thanksgiving (more on that in an upcoming post) so it was just the 3 of us for Thanksgiving, but that made for a nice little home family date. SUCCESS
  • No take-out/delivery--Still not perfect, but MUCH better than a year ago. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Eating/cooking healthier--(Stealing last month's answer) Everything I've cooked lately has come from a recipe I pulled off of the Weight Watchers site, so YES! SUCCESS
  • Work out at least 3 times a week--Still walking weekly with some of my mom's group when weather and schedule permits and have been to the gym a few times. Not 3 times a week, but better. December is going to be awesome though--stay tuned! WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Socialize with friends at least once a month--Little Ricky and I had a breakfast date with friends at Yolk (one of my FAVES!), went to a kiddo's b-day party, had a lunch date at Panera with friends and went to a blogger event (more fun details soon) where I got to hang with fun bloggers and he got to play and eat pizza with other kids! The 3 of us went to a Thanksgiving potluck with my mom's group and to the Magnificent Mile parade with friends. We were supposed to have friends over for Thanksgiving, but Ricky's trip to the ER changed those plans. But I still call November a SUCCESS!
  • Take more time with my appearance when at home--(Copying last month's answer) Better. It's just hard for me to justify a full face of make-up and "real" clothes when I'm spending the day chasing after Little Ricky and having food wiped on me. WORKS IN PROGRESS
  • Clean up house before going to bed--More and more of Little Ricky's toys have more and more parts so if we didn't do this, we'd be stepping on toys, breaking toys or our necks, so this is a MUST! SUCCESS
  • Deal with mail as it comes in--MUCH better this month. Instead of trying to deal with it every day, I've set aside certain days to go through my piles. So every 2-3 days everything gets cleared. I like this solution, so I say SUCCESS!

September and October brought 5 WORKS IN PROGRESS, 4 SUCCESSES and ZERO FAILS. In November we had 4 WORKS IN PROCESS, 5 SUCCESSES and ZERO FAILS.

December should be a no-brainer for date nights, socializing and gym time, but the eating well???? YIKES!

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