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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thanksgiving Recap

Well, I had hoped to have fun Thanksgiving Day stories to share with you complete with cute pictures of Little Ricky and the friends we were having over for dinner.

But we, Ricky specifically, ended up having some unwanted guests for Thanksgiving and our plans got hijacked.

By whom, you ask?

Not whom. What.

Kidney stones!

Wednesday night before Thanksgiving Little Ricky was snoozing and Ricky and I were doing some last minute stuff around the house before we had guests over the next day. Around 10-ish, Ricky told me he didn't feel good. He described what he was feeling and where and I thought he was getting a kidney infection and told him to start chugging some water.

He did and I went back to my chores. Later I realized he had disappeared. I went into our room and found him curled up in the fetal position on our bed.

Not good.

He was in a ton of pain and said he needed to see a doctor.

REALLY not good. Ricky never says he needs to see a doctor.

I wanted to wake up Little Ricky and take Ricky in, but he insisted he was okay to grab himself a cab. So at midnight off he headed to the ER.

Where apparently the pain got MUCH worse.

Like pounding on the walls begging for drugs worse.

Like if I had been there I could have re-enacted the scene from Terms of Endearment where Shirley MacLaine beats on the nurse's station screaming "Give my daughter (husband) the drugs!"

(Maybe it's best I wasn't there.)

Anyhoo, he was there several hours while they pumped him full of fluids, took cat scans, etc. He was finally diagnosed with kidney stones and sent home around 4:30AM.

The next morning we cancelled our Thanksgiving guests, slept in (thank you, Little Ricky, for sleeping until 9!) and then had a lazy day. We still got to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner because I already had all of the food. It just wasn't served on our china with us all dressed up. Instead we ate on our every day dishes in our pj's and sweats.

And you know what?

It was kind of nice. I hate that Ricky went through all of that, but it was nice being able to just relax and laze about the day together. No deadlines, no specific time we HAD to eat. We could have done without the drama leading up to it, but all in all it was a good day.

So how was YOUR Thanksgiving? Any unwanted guests--people or kidney stones?

P.S. Ricky has been just fine since Thanksgiving (whew!) so fingers crossed that all of this is behind him!

P.P.S. We did go to a Thanksgiving potluck earlier in the month and took a couple of pix. So just pretend that this is what we looked like on the actual day!

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