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Monday, January 24, 2011

Mommy & Me Monday: A Trip to the Aquarium

Mommy and Me Monday at Really, Are You Serious?
Hosted by Krystyn at Really, Are You Serious?

Last Monday we took advantage of the holiday and headed out to Shedd Aquarium to check out some fish. Not only was it a holiday with lots of folks off work and school, but it was also a free day at the aquarium so it was PACKED!

We did manage to squeeze in and check out the giant tank full of fish, sting rays and sharks. Little Ricky loved it and Ricky and I loved watching him watch the fish! We'll definitely go back.

But on a less crowded day next time!

I know you can't see our faces. We were too busy checking out the fish!

Again, no faces, but I love how he has his arm slung over my shoulder. Just hangin' out with mom at the aquarium!

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