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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Accidental Co-Sleepers*

I’ve always been anti co-sleeping.

Now before I get hate mail, let me explain.

I’m not anti the act of co-sleeping and I’m not anti co-sleepers. I’m just anti co-sleeping for MY family. For a couple of reasons.

My husband waffles between being a total insomniac and sleeping so hard that a nuclear holocaust wouldn’t wake him. When Little Ricky was younger, I would have loved to have cuddled with him all night, but I was scared my husband would roll over on him and not realize it.

The other reason we’ve never co-slept in my family is that I dreaded the transition from our bed to baby’s bed. I was worried that once it was time for our kiddo to move to his own room it would be a battle.

So Little Ricky slept in a bassinet-type thing in our room the first few months–close to us, but not in the same bed. And then he moved to his own room around 5 months and we never looked back.

Until this Christmas. When he decided he was TERRIFIED of any room but his own, any crib but his.

We were at my parents in TX for 2 weeks and they have a lovely room set up for him. It’s right next to the guest room my husband and I use, has all sorts of fun toys and stuffed animals and even has a comfy crib.

No way. My son wasn’t having it.

The first night we were there, we did our usual bedtime routine, put him in the crib and WAAAAHHHHH! He went CRAZY!

My kiddo is a good sleeper for the most part, but there have been times when he has fought bed and nap times so I know what that cry sounds like. That “you’ve got to be kidding me, I’m NOT sleeping!” cry.

This was different. This was “there are monsters and spiders and zombies and every other scary thing ever invented in this room with me. Help, help, HELP!!!!!”

So we rescued our red-faced, tear-streaked, shaking little guy and brought him to bed with us. And I’ve gotta admit, it was NICE! Stroking his little cheek, smelling his hair and the cuddling! Oh my gosh! Little Ricky likes to spoon! I never knew!!!

Each night we’d try the crib and it did get a little better. Each night he was a little less scared until 4 or 5 nights in he actually fell asleep there. Success.

Or so we thought.

From then on, he’d wake up anywhere from 11:30 to 2AM and start screaming. Because we didn’t want him to be terrorized in this new bedroom and because we didn’t want him to wake my parents (and to be honest, because the cuddling was sooooo awesome!) we’d go get him and he’d spend the rest of the night with us.

And that’s how the rest of the trip went. He’d sleep for a while on his own, get scared, come join us.

But now we’re home. And we should be back on our regular routine.

And we are, for the most part.

But last night Little Ricky woke up crying and my first thought was “let’s bring him in our room.”

And we did.

But only for a little while. My husband moved him back into his room once he was calmed down.

Although I would have let him stay.

I know, I know. I’m anti co-sleeping.

But now that the co-sleeping door has been opened, I’m having a hard time slamming it shut.

So tell me, are you a co-sleeper? Why or why not? Am I starting a bad habit letting him come to bed with us from time to time?

*This post originally appeared at DuPage Mamas. Check them out for more great articles from some awesome moms. While you're there, read about my evening with Dolly Parton!

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