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Friday, February 11, 2011

A (Belated) Year in Review: 2010

I think this is becoming a habit. I didn't get around to recapping 2009 until February 2010. And here we are February 2011 recapping 2010. Better late than never.

Just like this year, I started off 2010 a little slow in the blogging department. But I did make time to share a cute football fan with you in January!

In February I set some goals and Little Ricky discovered ice cream!

March brought Ricky's birthday party, my first What We're Reading post, my first Mommy and Me and a new look for the ole blog (which I'm still loving; thanks, Jill!)

In April, Little Ricky celebrated his first Easter, I shared my love of Music Together, Meet My Friends debuted, I attended my first blogger event (and was spoiled rotten!) and Little Ricky and I spent some time in the Lone Star State. Whew, April was busy!

In May I told you more about a special little guy in my life, I celebrated Mother's Day with my sweet boy, I did my first author interview and my favorite city, Nashville, was hit hard by Mother Nature.

June was a big month as Little Ricky turned ONE and we had two great celebrations! June also brought Macaroni Kid, a first haircut for Little Ricky and a party with Oprah. (Okay, with the Oprah store.)

In July I had my first anti-baby encounter while out with my cute kid. (I'm still mad about it.) On a more pleasant note, we spent a great week at the beach. And we discovered it was time to baby proof the kitchen!

In August, we said goodbye to breastfeeding. Little Ricky was fine, I was sad. (As I've told some friends, I was willing to breastfeed until his wife kicked me out.) And Little Ricky went to the theatre...twice!

In September I spent an evening with my favorite band, I hosted a Cat in the Hat party and Ricky and Little Ricky enjoyed some baseball.

October brought the best Halloween costume ever! And we met Elmo! Best month ever!!!

In November I finally filled you in on my Vegas trip, shared a big pet peeve and one of Little Ricky's quirks and had a little cry over a Hallmark commercial.

Which brings us to December. Shaggy boy got haircut number 2, I recapped our unusual Thanksgiving, I was spoiled again at another blogger event and we visited Santa and the big tree at the Museum of Science and Industry.

2010 in a nutshell. Now back to our year already in progress...

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