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Saturday, February 12, 2011

What We Did On Our Christmas Vacation: An Essay in Pictures

Little Ricky made some friends at the airport.

We enjoyed an in-flight showing of Classical Baby.

We REALLY enjoyed the Texas weather!

Spent a little time cuddling/wrestling with Pappy T & Little Man

Hung out with an old friend

Made new friends

Tried to figure out the presents before Christmas day!

Attempted photo shoots of cute boys in matching clothes.


Posed for the obligatory "baby w/ a bow on his head" shot

Checked out our presents!

Reunited with Auntie L and Uncle S


Played with Little Man

(I love how they both look deep in thought in this picture. As if they're thinking "what art shall I create?")

I want in on the joke!

Climbed on Nan Nan's furniture. (Notice my mom grinning away in the background. She would have NEVER found this funny if my sister or I had done it. But let a grandson do it? It's HILARIOUS!)

Cuddled with Little Man

Slept in the big bed with Mommy and Daddy (see my co-sleeping post!)

Cuddled with Nan Nan and Little Man and got the giggles!

Had a WONDERFUL time!

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