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Monday, June 20, 2011

And Then You Were 2

Sweet Little Ricky,

On June 11, 2009 you were placed into my arms and my whole world changed. I thought I loved you before during the nine months I carried you, but that was nothing compared to the love I felt when I held you for the first time.

And now, today, 2 years later, I realize that the first moment I held you was nowhere near the amount of love I feel for you today. It's amazing--every day I think I can't love you more, there is no way my heart can grow another inch. But the next morning there you are and there's my heart even bigger and more in love.

I recently read a phrase in one of the many baby/toddler emails I get--"joie de toddler". I love that. It describes you perfectly. You wake up each day excited to jump into life and you go to sleep eagerly awaiting what the next day will bring.

I have so many wishes for you on this 2nd birthday--love, health, happiness--but the main one this year is this....

May you always retain that joyful spirit. That excitement for the world around you. The cheerfulness that overflows into an almost constant song. (Seriously, you wake up singing and you go to bed singing. I love it!) And the overwhelming love and happiness that forces you to fling your little body into my arms and exclaim "HUG!" No matter your age I wish for you to always feel "joie de toddler."

Thank you for bringing that joy into MY life. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine!"


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