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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Little Ricky!

On June 11, Little Ricky turned 2! (I have a 2 year old?!?!?! How is this possible?)

We started the day with a present, Kipper's Birthday. Little Ricky LOVES Kipper and was really excited to get this life-sized book all about his favorite little British dog!

Little Ricky also loves music, loves to dance and loves people, so we threw a dance party for him and some of his favorite little buddies!

Sparkly water bottles

Practicing his dance moves pre-party

A little floor work...

Once our guests arrived, everyone had a great time boogie-ing down...

Getting punked out with hair glitter...

(Okay, maybe the hair glitter wasn't such a hit!)

And temporary tattoos...

Making tambourines at the craft station....
And dancing in the dark to Beyonce's Single Ladies (Little Ricky's favorite song) while wearing finger lights....

(Thank you, Oprah, for the finger lights idea!)

And of course there was cake. Well, cake pops!

(They spelled out "Happy 2nd Birthday, "Little Ricky"!)

We did buy a little cake just for candle blowing purposes....

All of the kids tried to eat the cake pops like lollipops. So cute!

More cake pops, please!

Little Ricky loved socializing with his friends!

The cutest party guests EVER!

As the party wound down, we said goodbye to our guests....

And thanked them for coming with maracas, sand pails, bubbles, blow up microphones, noisemakers, stickers and autographed Super Stolie CD's!

Then it was time for the big present from Mommy & Daddy....

He sees it! What is it?????

A bike!!!

Once we pried him off the trike, it was time for more presents.

(No, those aren't all from Ricky and me. And yes, Little Ricky is spoiled rotten.)

Then we headed out for the inaugural ride around the neighborhood. Little Ricky was in heaven.

He loves the bike so much that he did not want to get off and his birthday ended with.....

the official birthday party melt-down!

From cake pops to finger lights, from friends to tattoos, from bikes to meltdowns, it was an awesome day!

Happy #2, Little Ricky!

Cake pops from The Cake Poppery
Little Ricky's 2 shirt from Happy Family
Most pictures (all the good ones!) by Paige Baker, A Frame in Time

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