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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Review: Chevy Traverse


Is what I normally drive.


Is what I was lucky enough to drive for the last week.

Thanks to the kind folks at GM, I got to try out the Chevy Traverse for a week and Mama LIKES!

Not only is it GORGEOUS, but I loved having more room. Our biggest complaint with the ole Ford Focus is how small it is. When I bought it as a single, kid-free gal, it was perfect. But add a husband, a toddler, a car seat and a stroller to the mix and that car is PACKED. Forget road tripping in that car. Heck, forget going to the airport in that car. No way luggage is going in the trunk of the Focus once we put the stroller in.

But the Traverse had tons of room for strollers, luggage, groceries, etc.

The trunk space was a good size and you can put the 3rd row of seats down and have even more trunk space.

And there was plenty of room for other passengers. Yes, people can sit in the backseat of the Focus, but they are squished up against the car seat. The Traverse seats 7 (some models seat 8) and no one felt like their personal space was being invaded.

I also loved all the various compartments for storage throughout the car. As we were only in the car for a week, I didn't take full advantage of them. But if that car were mine, it would be great to have plenty of space for CD's, sunglasses, maps and more.

But who needs a map when you have this!

I was so excited to have the built in GPS. As I'm still learning our new neighborhood, it was fantastic to have the nice little lady in the GPS keeping me on track!

And that cute little screen also shows you what's behind you anytime you put the car in reverse! Awesome!

And now for my son's favorite part of the car.

The built in DVD player!

The first day we had the car, Little Ricky and I took the Traverse out for a spin. As we were stopped at a light, I was checking out the car, pushing buttons and down popped this screen. I couldn't really see what it was from the front seat so I said to my 2 year old "Buddy, is that a TV?" To which he excitedly replied "YES!"

We didn't have anything to play that 1st ride, but when we later headed out with a Thomas and Friends DVD, kiddo was THRILLED. Every few minutes he would shriek "Mommy! Daddy! Thomas the Train in red car!!!"

Yeah, we're gonna need one of those.

My only "negative" is that while we want more space, the Traverse is probably TOO big for us. Do I really need seating for 7 or 8? And in some of the tight Chicago parking lots and streets, I would break a sweat maneuvering that giant Traverse in and out. I did a little web surfing and saw that Chevy does have a smaller SUV, the Equinox, which would probably be more in keeping with my family's needs. But for folks with bigger families or who tote a lot of stuff on a regular basis, the Traverse would be ideal.

So, as you can see, I adored having this car for a week. The extra space was great, not having to bend over to get Little Ricky in and out of his car seat was heaven on my back and I loved having GPS and a DVD player built in. I felt thoroughly spoiled! Thank you, GM!

Disclosure: I was provided with a Chevy Traverse for a week to facilitate this review. But as always, all opinions are my own.

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