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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Goodbye...For Now

If there's anyone still checking out my little ole blog, you've probably noticed that my posts have gotten fewer and fewer in between.

What can I say? Life.

Little Ricky is 2 1/2 and keeping me on my toes. Check out this recent shot of my cutie pie.

Macaroni Kid is busy, busy.

And occasionally I like to find time to do more than nod at my husband over the top of our laptops. So something had to give.

And unfortunately it's the blog.

But I love Ricky and Lucy. I love the relationships I formed with some of you. And I'm just not ready to call it quits for good.

So with the hopes that one day, SOME day, I'll have more time, let's just call A Modern Day Ricky and Lucy on an indefinite hiatus.

Until then, I'll try to stay caught up on your blogs and if you're in the Chicago area, you can still find me over at Mac Kid sharing all of the great family friendly activities, events, crafts and recipes for Windy City families.

Until we meet again.....

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